History of Department

Historically, Food Technology Program, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University has been a program offered by the Department of Chemical Technology. The program started to accept the first class of 7 food technology undergraduate students in 1965 and has been officially established as the Department of Food Technology since 1984. Until now, our department has produced over 2,000 graduates who can pursue their careers in both governmental institutions and private enterprises to develop and expedite for establishment of the fully industrial; food and related industries in Thailand or pursue their higher education in both national and internationally renowned institutions.

Establishment of Food Technology Program
In early stage, food industries in Thailand have not much expertise but with only limited knowledge in food science and technologies including engineering, processing, biological chemistry, microbiology and hygiene and safety to produce high quality and safe food products. Additionally, at that period, there was no curriculum facilitating the production of such personals. Hence, during several years in the past, the Department of Chemical Technology attempted to establish Food Technology program to support food industry’s needs.

Finally, in late 1964, Prof. Dr. Tab Nilaniti, Dean of Faculty of Science, and Professor Dr. Prasom Sathapitanon, Head of Chemical Technology Department, announced the approval from the Faculty Board that the Food Technology became a new program in the Department of Chemical technology and offered the courses for senior students in the department commencing in 1965 academic year. The first group of Food Technology students comprised 7 undergraduate students, whom were well trained by the faculty members from the Department of Chemical Technology and from the Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University, and by the experts from various organizations such as the Department of Science Service, Ministry of Industry in the field of food science and technologies related courses, such as food processing, process engineering, biochemistry, microbiology and nutrition. According to these aforementioned criteria, it can be claimed that the Food Technology program in Chulalongkorn University is unique of its own kind and academically different from those offered in other institutions in Thailand.

From Program to Department
In 1984, after 20 years of establishment, Chulalongkorn University Council officially announced that Food Technology program has become the Department of Food Technology and has offered Bachelor of Science in Food Technology since then.

As announced in the special issue of the Royal Thai Government Gazette about the division of government sector in Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, in the year 1984, Volume Number 101, Part 5A on January 11, 1984, “The Department of Food Technology” has been a new government sector under the Faculty of Science onwards.


After the establishment of the Department of Food Technology, a few curricula have been developed and continuously enrolled by quite a number of students during each year. Master of Science in Food Technology was opened in 1973, Ph.D. in Food Technology in 1996 and International Program for Master degree in 2001.

Due to the destructive fire in 2010, it caused serious damage to our old building and properties resulting in hardship and wearing situations which detained efficient operation of the department. Fortunately, in 2011, with the budget from the Royal Thai Government’s fund called “Strong Thailand Fund”, the new building, officially entitled “Mahavajirunhis” and fully equipped with teaching and research facilities, has beem built and it is where the department of Food Technology has been located since 2013. With this kind of substantial improvement, our department has not only strongly achieved the teaching and research expertise but also parallel extend our skills and experiences to establish the “Food Innovation Center” so as to help improve and efficiently trouble-shoot manufacturing problems starting from general agriculturists and eventually to food processors.

Apart from the refurbishment of our infrastructure in 2014, our Bachelor of Science in Food Technology has been graciously scrutinized and accredited to international standard by the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). The recognition from IUFoST acknowledges that our courses, teaching programmes and research facilities have been reviewed and meet the international guidelines for food science and technology programmes of study. Such this accreditation is also given to other institutions that have been recognized in our region which includes National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, and Kasetsart University.

Both undergraduate and graduate curricula are designed for the production of very well personnel trained, with knowledge of more advanced technological aspects, who are capable of planning and conducting research related to the food industry problems or developing innovative products to suit the needs of food and related industries. The program also emphasizes, both in comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, in-depth knowledge in areas of food science and technology.

Since 1984, the establishment of Department of Food Technology has been progressively fruitful and achieved its goal to produce high quality graduates at any educational degree to support government institutions and Thai food industries with commitment to become the “Pillar of the Kingdom” as determinedly declared by Chulalongkorn University.