Admissions Guide

Department of Food Technology


Food Technology Program has been officially established since 1964. The highly qualified graduates from both Food Technology and Biotechnology majors have been produced. Most graduates from Food Technology Department can pursue their careers in governmental institutions and private enterprises.



Both undergraduate and graduate curriculum are designed for the production of personnel, with knowledge of more advanced technological aspects, who capable of planning and conducting researches related to the food industry problems or developing new food products to suit the industrial needs. The program also emphasized, both in comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, in-depth knowledge in areas of food science and technology. The undergraduate and graduate curriculum offered by Department of Food Technology are listed as followed:

  1. Bachelor of Science (Food Technology)

  2. Master of Science (Food Technology)

  3. Master of Science (Food Science and Technology, International Program)

  4. Doctor of Philosophy (Food Technology)


Undergraduate Program


Graduate Program